The Struggle

The struggle is real and ridiculous. A person gets their online business up and running, now where are the customers? Where is the income? What is happening? This is pretty common and leads to failure due to a lack of funds. Depending on the type of online business they may be struggling for years before they run out of money and call it quits. In fact, they may even have “Coaches” advise them not to quit. 

If what you are doing right now is not making you daily profits then please stop. I hate to say what you are doing is not working but if you have been working it for more than a year it is time to stop. You need to re-evaluate your business and find the problem. This is where I come in. I know what has been working for me and what does not work.

This is where all of the confusion and gambling stops as we cut through all of the crap, and you start earning a profit every day, which is the mission of this site.

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