I Am Not Distracted By Hive Swells

I Am Not Distracted By Hive Swells

All of the excitement over the recent bumps in price that Hive Token has been experiencing is not going to distract me from my original goals. For the sake of this discussion let’s say that the current price of Hive is $3. For a lot of people that have been here for the last few years, I understand the excitement. For the rest of us, we have a long way to go before these numbers should have us saying woohoo. 

I say this is just the beginning because as more Dapps are developed on this blockchain the more value it will be worth. The more Hive I have powered up, the more things I can do on hive. Also the more Hive I have powered up the more my votes will be worth. The more my votes are worth, not only will people want my votes, but I will also be paid more for curation activities. 

Goal #1 Become A Hive Dolphin

Above we spoke about the more Hive my account has powered up the better.  My First goal is to reach 5,000 Hive Power. I know this is a big goal especially if Hive is at $3 a token that is $1,500. My plan has the goal broken into 500HP increments to make the goal more achievable. Both of my accounts have a way to go before reaching that first 10th of the goal. 

Hive Engine Tokens Compete With Hive Tokens

This is an interesting phenomenon because we get rewarded in Hive, and Hive Engine tokens like CTP and 1UP for our activities on this amazing blockchain. If you are like me and play a game on Hive like Splinterlands, then you have yet another thing to spend your hard-earned Hive on. The different Hive Communities have their power-up challenges for their tokens as well.

How Will I Ever Make My Goal

It is all too easy to become overwhelmed and panic. Do not panic. There is a lot of opportunities to earn here on Hive. @taskmaster4450 has advised me through the podcast CryptoManiacs, to build a base of Hive before trying to accumulate the Hive engine tokens. That is sound advice. Hive is the governing token for the entire blockchain. This is where I made my mistake.

I Was Not Consistent

I was all over the place. Instead of accumulating 5,000 Hive Power, I accumulated a bit of Hive and then tried accumulating all of the other Hive Engine tokens. Every time someone suggested we buy and hold a token I jumped on it. Then I became frustrated, depressed, and I dropped off for a few months.

I have learned that Hive and all of its communities are not different from the real world. Success demands consistent daily action. Going forward I will concentrate my effort on accumulating, and powering up #Hive #CTP #oneup tokens to be more successful on Hive.

Again I can not be distracted by the fluctuating prices of Hive and Hive Engine Tokens. When Hive goes up I can buy more CTP and 1UP, when Hive goes down I can buy more Hive. Trying to leverage the price fluctuations in my favor is beneficial financially, but is not the focus because I am not buying for today or tomorrow, but five years from now.

My Experience With Hive Community Tags

My Experience With Hive Community Tags

Ever Wonder Why So Many Tags?

What Makes Hive interesting is all of the communities that have chosen the Hive Blockchain as their home.  We also enjoy the ability to send tokens to each other free of charge. Not a lot of Blockchains can make that claim.

Every tag we use on Hive for example #ctp #Leofinance #pob represents communities. Those communities have content rules for posting. CTP is the token used by communities like CTPTalk and CTPSwarm. LEO is the token used by the LeoFinance community. POB is the token used by the Proof of Brain community.

CTPTalk & CTPSwarm

CTPTalk is a great front end to use especially if you are a part of the CTPSwarm community. I am using it to post this post. CTP is an initialization for Click Track Profit, the 3 actions of every online marketer. The rules for this community are very simple. Share your business-building journey. Article about music, cooking, hiking, exercising in your neighborhood should not be using the #ctp tag, unless they are directly related to your business building journey.


Never use the #leofinance tag unless your post is addressing a financial issue, like tokenomics, your current crypto APR, Your goal for amazing and powering up crypto. i would not even put a good Splinterlands article here unless you are talking about financing your game ambitions.

POB Proof Of Brain

Proof of Brain community has a more general requirement. The only qualification your post must have is proof that you have a brain. If you think your post meets that requirement then please use the #pob tag.

Unlike other places on the net, here on the Hive Blockchain you can earn just by engaging in your passion. There is a community here for everyone. Some of us feel compelled to be active in more than one community.

For a complete list of communities please click the link below:

Hive Communities

Once you navigate to the communities page, you will be able to choose which communities you would like to participate in.

This will take a little research and please ask as many questions as you can. I am surprised at no matter how basic my questions are there is always an experienced Hive member willing to share an answer with a smile.

I hope this sheds a little light on proper tagging in Hive, if you are unsure about a tag please refer to the community home page.  I would hate to see anyone banned from a community because of tag abuse.

Thank you and have a productive and prosperous week.

5 Hidden Gems

5 Hidden Gems

Spotlighting 5, 1UP Posts

The first post is done by @cantfoldfaces . This Hiver figured how many 1UP, SPS, & Hive tokens you need to have staked to make a $1 US Dollar up-vote.

How much 1UP / SPT / Hive Power are needed for a $1 Vote Power?

The second post is has a couple of ways to make more income on Hive, by flipping Splinterlands Monster NFTs, and farming CUB using HBD.  @belemo did a great job on this one.

Flipping Summoners, investing savings and farming Cub with HBD

Post number three @libertycrypto27 gives us a solid investment strategy for buying Pre-Sale Chaos Legion Booster Packs. The post also goes over a bit of tokenomics for the Splinterlands tokens.

My Chaos Legion Buying Strategy and DEC token considerations + Xpansion X Splinterlands Airdrop / Chaos Legion, DEC + Xpansion Airdrop (ENG / ITA)

For the fourth post, we have @travelgirl who teaches us about Splinterlands Totems. I did not know totems were a thing in Splinterlands. This post is so informative it had to make the list.

Why Totems Can Potentially Be A Good Investment For Splinterlands

Last but not least, we have post number 5. @ecoinstant has managed to turn Splinterlands into a daily money-making machine. I find this incredibly interesting and thought you would too.

Renting out my deck during busy time in life

Support Your Community

I take community very seriously. We have all seen those posts that are similar to this one, except that they have posts from different communities. With this post, I am hoping to do a few things.

  •  Support Those That Are Active in 1UP
  • Expand Our View of The 1UP Community
  • Support 1UP Community With Engagement
  • Help Others To Do The Same

I hope you have enjoyed reading the above-highlighted posts. I have learned a lot by reading the above 5 posts. Upvoted and commented on all 5 posts, and invite you to do the same.

Thank you so very much, hope you have a prosperous day.

How I Epically Failed The CTP Content 30 Day Challenge

How I Epically Failed The CTP Content 30 Day Challenge

Failed 3 Times

Have you ever tried something over and over again failing repeatedly? It can get pretty darn discouraging. I have never completed a 30 day challenge. This was I almost did not enter. The rules were simple write an article and tag it #ctpcontent post it daily before midnight GMT, which is 4 pm my time PST. Every single day for 30 days, and if you miss a day you have to start all over at 1.

This sounds too easy, how hard is it to write 1 article a day for 30 days. We are supposed to create content daily. On the website you can see all the people that have already completed it. I failed three times. This rings in my head constantly since a few days ago.

The First Time I Failed

As a reseller I am not really accustomed to working with deadlines. Yes I have to pack and ship my orders timely but that does not take any real effort or creativity, you can almost turn your brain off. The first time I failed simply because I did not manage my time very well and the day just got away from me.

The Second Time I Failed

After the first time I was embarrassed and thought what could I do so I would not fail again. Better time management but more specifically, I needed to be more productive. I scheduled a bit of time at the end of the day and started writing articles ahead of time so I would always be 4 to 5 articles ahead. Honestly I thought I had the problem solved and then 1 day was caught in traffic did not make it home in time to post before 4pm.

The Third & Last Time I Failed

I know what you are thinking… just because I failed three times is no reason not to try a fourth. That is funny because unlike some other challenges that are never ending & eternal, this content challenge had an expiration date, just like a dairy product, November 30th. If you can’t complete the challenge before Nov 30th you are out. It was my going to be my 29th consecutive post.

Where I went wrong was simple I misunderstood some friendly advice, & at the same time I refused to take advice from those that have already completed the challenge. Taskmaster answered my question “How can I earn more on Hive?” with “Make videos and play Exode”

So I started making daily videos on 3Speak and stopped writing articles. I had some close calls with 3Speak and my video submissions, and this is where my system broke down. I was given this advice by several people. Now that your articles are written, schedule them to post at the same time every day. I was not familiar with post scheduling so I did not even look into it.

All Of That Work And No Prize?!

Even though I lost the challenge I walked away with some nice prizes. 1st I bombed out last Wednesday right before the CTP Inner Circle meeting, and Eliana gave me a Splinterlands NFT for my efforts. Blain gave me some great advice. “Next Time have some articles prewritten, to use in case something should go wrong with the video production. ”

Also, the post I did post that day did really well with upvotes, 59 Hive which for me is amazing. developing a daily content creation habit is a prize in itself.

The advice I misunderstood from TaskMaster was not to make videos but stop writing articles. His advice was trying to direct me to make videos in addition to the articles I am writing.

Going forward this is my plan. Continue daily content creation, but this time create the content on my blog first, ahead of time, using WordPress will schedule the post for future publication. Using Exxp plugin I will have the post transferred to Hive.

This balance of working ahead and automation will be a key factor for my future successes.

Promote Yourself First!

Promote Yourself First!

This is another phrase that took me a very long time to truly understand, but my Father knew and practiced self-promotion. Back in the 80s, he had a business.

His business was fixing Cars. You guessed right my Father was a mechanic who went from working at Sears to working for himself, and because he chose the right name, his customers followed him, from Sears to his new service center.

My Fathers customers knew him as Cecil, a nickname my father picked up from his co-workers at Sears. My Father named his business “Cecil’s Auto Care Center” When his customers wanted to find him, they could because of how he named his business. That is my Father pictured below. 

My Father

Follow Your True Passion

That is why all the online gurus are shouting follow your true passion. In order to work a business the way it should be worked you really need to put in a lot of hours. Those hours will go by a lot easier if you love what you are doing. If you are constantly procrastinating your online or side business duties maybe that is because deep down you hate doing those things as much as you hate your current full-time job.

Let’s assume you found your passion and you decided you are going to promote that passion through content marketing. Your WordPress blog is all set and you went ahead and created some awesome articles and videos for your new blog. You may have already made a serious branding mistake.

My Father

Please Do Not Make My Mistakes

Branding is crucial in business. Your brand is your everything, and it will be how people online perceive you. I recommend you put your name in your URL. If you have a comic book blog and your name is Chuck a good name is maybe www.chucktalkscomics.com or www.chucksherohq.com. You may be wondering why using your name is important.

You see when I picked my HIVE username I had no clue about proper branding, so of course, I picked a stupid one MBA2020 it means something to me and the rest of the world has no clue. If I picked a name and used it for everything ie ChuckTalksComics FB Group, Twitter handle, Instagram, and HIVE then the people that follow me on those platforms will have an easier time finding me on other platforms.

Choose 1 name and use it on everything. It is easier to brand yourself to your own name than it is to a phrase. Also when you use your own name it is much easier to develop relationships with people. People do business with people. Do yourself a favor and brand yourself personally for all of the above reasons.

I just learned about the specifics of really branding yourself recently, and for me, it was a really hard lesson. Feel free to reach out if you need more information on self-branding.

My Father