How to Get Paid Daily Reselling on eBay

How to Get Paid Daily Reselling on eBay

Get Paid Every Day Even on Holidays

This is no trick to getting paid daily. Simply put if eBay is set to pay you daily, then all you need is at least 1 sale a day, and boom after about 10 days you will notice daily payments coming from eBay

The key to this is being sure you get at least one sale a day every single day.

  1. Are you getting 1 sale every day? 
  2. If not do you have a plan to get 1 sale a day?
  3. How many active listings do you have?
  4. Would you like help achieving the 1 sale a day goal?

In the video below Jeff and I explain how to achieve a minimum of 1 sale everyday.

Hint you need 100 to 1000 listings.


Check out the video below for more 👇👇👇

How LeadsLeap Saved My Affiliate Marketing Business

How LeadsLeap Saved My Affiliate Marketing Business

You Know The Struggle

You are trying to make money online with affiliate marketing. You found some products you like, and after using them for yourself, you decided to represent or affiliate your business with the products. You decide you want a subscriber list. After all, email marketing can be very profitable.

At this point, you are putting out about $20 a month for your autoresponder, and let’s not forget traffic we all need traffic to our sites and offers so for traffic let’s say we are spending $70 monthly. You might not be comfortable coding your own capture and sales pages so maybe you are paying about $40 monthly for a page builder.

Now we are at about $130 a month to run our affiliate marketing business. I was amazed to discover that LeadsLeap does all of that for about $28 a month or $20 a month if you take the 24-hour special when you first sign up. Everything managed on one platform, and less expensive than anything else I have used. 

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Pinterest, What I learned on the Weekend

Pinterest, What I learned on the Weekend

Makes Me Feel Like I’m Back in Grade 4 😜

Don’t you remember way back in Grade School when the teachers would turn almost anything into a homework assignment? Especially if you took time off or went on vacation with the family. It was like they thought you had nothing better to do. 

This weekend I had some excellent Pinterest Training done by Kim Ward. This is the best Social Media Training I have ever experienced. Tune into the video below where I go over everything. 

Pricing Your eBay Listings Can Be Intimidating

Pricing Your eBay Listings Can Be Intimidating

Pricing your eBay listing can be intimidating — but it doesn’t have to be! With the right research and some helpful tricks, you’ll be able to confidently price your items for sale.

The first step in pricing your eBay listings is to do a little research. Use the advanced search option on the site to look at recently sold listings of similar items. This will give you an idea of what would be a reasonable starting point when creating your own listing. You should also consider factors like availability, condition, and demand – all of which can affect the price you’ll want to set.

Once you’ve done some research and settled on a fair price, there are still more steps to take. Consider offering discounts or promotions for buyers who purchase multiple items from you. You can also offer free shipping for certain items or bundles. These special deals can be an excellent way to incentivize sales without having to significantly lower your prices.

Pricing your eBay listing doesn’t have to be intimidating — with research and some savvy promotional tactics, you’ll soon be able to confidently set the perfect price for each of your items. 

For more details and specific examples please watch the video below 👇👇👇