What I Learned In 2021

What I Learned In 2021

WTF Is A BlockChain?!?!

When all of your friends are talking about building their fortunes on the blockchain the pressure of FOMO just builds to an unacceptable point. I have heard of blogging on BlockChain since December of 2020 but did not join Hive until February of 2021. Fast-acting like a turtle. I am not really an early adopter which is why I was so surprised to find that it is still early to be on the Hive BlockChain.

Missing out on opportunities is the worst, as it gives us a lot of “What Could Have Been” that kind of thinking will make a person crazy. The word Blockchain was being thrown around like people were getting paid to talk about it, later I find they were and are, me included and anyone reading this as well.

I am sure everyone reading this knows what a blockchain is, and does not need my basic, and I mean basic definition of a blockchain. Keep in mind the Hive Blockchain is the only one that I have experience with. I am not a person that has branched out to other blockchains as my hands have been pretty full with Hive.

It Pays To Be Active Daily

This is crazy, back in October I tried my hand at the CTP 30 Day Content Challenge. The challenge was to blog on Hive once daily for 30 days straight. This had me rework my entire workday, oh did I mention I am self-employed and work from home?

Blain Jones really challenged me with this concept. Write at least 1 article a day every day. IT sounds so super easy, I mean as affiliate marketers content is king so we should be publishing daily to sell daily. I need to add I am a crap affiliate marketer but have a nice living because I am an awesome reseller. Reselling feeds us, pays the rent, and the bills, everything else is pretty much at the “it needs more work level.”

This being said I really had to work at publishing something once daily. Blain was not asking for any great literary or journalistic work. Just a few paragraphs about our daily business-building journey. I overthought the heck out of it. The challenge did teach me that if I publish daily I will get paid daily. Not pennies but Dollars and some of those posts yielded almost $20(to be fair this was not normal just a few posts like 3 or 4 had a reward like that)

The story does not end with daily publishing as my Hive activities became more complicated as I added more things to it, among them seriously curating and commenting over 100 posts a week. As I write this I have been a bit behind because of the holidays. That being said doing that many comments weekly has resulted in some nice Hive, HBD, CTP, 1UP tokens just to name a few as there are a lot of different tokens that just sprinkle into my HE Wallet as rewards for commenting and curating.

When You Retire Your Wife…

Due to the reselling business doing so well, my wife and I looked over our finances and decided it was time for her to end a 26-year career with Walmart. For the first time in her adult life, my wife Anmarie has her whole day ahead of her to do with as she wills for the rest of her life.

I am lucky she takes a portion of her day and helps me out. Anmarie also scheduled the heck out of our Holiday Season as far out as January 13th. That is the last of the holiday celebrations and going off with a bang at Disneyland for 3 days. Being the type of entrepreneur that is accustomed to working from before the sunrises into the night 6 to 7 days a week, this makes me uneasy.

The good news is that I have been experimenting with different types of automation and working remotely. You may not even see an interruption in my activities if I can just get everything to work together. Lately, I can’t even get images to appear when using Hive-Engine Dapps on any of my browsers, this happened once before for about a week and then the problem just went away.

To Be Continued…

This article is much bigger in scope than I had first imagined. The more I write the more that needs to be said. I know when watching a show or movie we hate to see to be continued. Sorry, but I learned so much last year.

Giving EXXP Another Shot

Giving EXXP Another Shot

A few weeks ago @blainjones gave me the advice to use EXXP plugin with my WordPress blog for a bit of automation. In case you do not know for a 15% fee on your author rewards, the plug-in will take a newly published article and publish it to your hive account.

Of course, this sounds great almost too good to be true. I had some bad luck just getting the plugin to work. Bad software? No, not yet, I go to the Exxp discord and there have not been any responses for a couple of days. Now I am concerned.

Talk About Bad Luck

Starting out we had some bad luck. Checked the EXXP Discord a few days later, and it turns the person running the program was stuck out of town and was unable to get back to anyone. The problem was fixed and EXXP was up and running again.

You would have thought that I would have been up and running in no time. No, not me I have to overcomplicate things by trying to do them an easier way. I use a WP editing Theme and plugin called Divi. This did not agree with EXXP. I had the fun job of removing Divi from my blog and removing the extra building code placed there by the Divi builder.

This Article Is Posted From WP to Hive Via Exxp

Image Made In Canva

There is going to be a learning curve. I will have questions along the way. Naturally, I will make some mistakes. For example, I might have two featured images if I do not set the post properly. Not really having a clear idea of how the post will look in HIve can be a bit of a challenge. We all want our posts to look nice.

Overall not a bad experience. The best part is I do not have to deal with MarkDown language. In WP it is just straight CSS and HTML, so that makes it about 50% faster for me to put a post in WordPress than using a Hive Engine front end.

Let me know in the comments if you would like a step-by-step tutorial, on using EXXP with your WordPress Blog.

Image Made In Canva
My Recent Oops With A Community Leader

My Recent Oops With A Community Leader

We All Make Mistakes But…

This one was completely avoidable. I am not talking about hindsight being 20/20. This mistake was avoidable because all I had to do was keep up with replies to my comments. Three days ago, last Sunday, I made a comment on @jongolson post The Sunday Night SportsNerd Show in the Sports Talk Social community. I asked an innocent question “Do you guys cover Hockey?” Not a strange question if taken at face value.

When you factor in I asked Jon the exact same question the week before.

You Did What?!

That is correct I asked the same question the week prior. There are a lot of reasons why this happened, but at CTP we practice the fine art of no excuses #noexcuses I say this because no matter how crazy things get if I just extended the courtesy of answering the replies to my comments in a timely fashion just as I do with the comments on my posts.

Yes, there are things that happened but I let them become an obstacle, rather than prevent them from being an obstacle. Do not worry I am not talking about any new-age hokum. I am just saying that on any given day nothing stops me from packing my orders on time. Nothing stops me from getting my items posted, or doing daily inventory to prevent overselling.

Nothing Stops Me From Reselling

Isn’t that an interesting little fact? Nothing becomes an obstacle in my reselling business, because reselling is what I do every day. My reselling daily mode of operation will not allow anything to take priority over listing items, and then fulfilling the orders.

As I write that it occurs to me that my shortcomings on Hive Engine and in the area of affiliate marketing fall completely on my shoulders. Everything worth doing will have a learning curve.

All I have to do is assign the same level of urgency to both my affiliate marketing and Hive-based businesses. This will have to happen before I experience the same level of success.

Jon Is A Real Good Guy, No Need To Panic

Nobody likes embarrassing situations but it helps when the person involved knows you well enough to give you the benefit of the doubt. Of course, Jon was real cool about it, because I have been telling anyone that would listen how busy I was with the San Diego Comic-Con.

Please do not make the same mistake that I have made and be sure to answer your comments and replies daily.

I Present The Latest Sunday Night SportsNerd Show

Just click the image above to enjoy NFL Football, and NHL Hockey talk cool

I Am Not Distracted By Hive Swells

I Am Not Distracted By Hive Swells

All of the excitement over the recent bumps in price that Hive Token has been experiencing is not going to distract me from my original goals. For the sake of this discussion let’s say that the current price of Hive is $3. For a lot of people that have been here for the last few years, I understand the excitement. For the rest of us, we have a long way to go before these numbers should have us saying woohoo. 

I say this is just the beginning because as more Dapps are developed on this blockchain the more value it will be worth. The more Hive I have powered up, the more things I can do on hive. Also the more Hive I have powered up the more my votes will be worth. The more my votes are worth, not only will people want my votes, but I will also be paid more for curation activities. 

Goal #1 Become A Hive Dolphin

Above we spoke about the more Hive my account has powered up the better.  My First goal is to reach 5,000 Hive Power. I know this is a big goal especially if Hive is at $3 a token that is $1,500. My plan has the goal broken into 500HP increments to make the goal more achievable. Both of my accounts have a way to go before reaching that first 10th of the goal. 

Hive Engine Tokens Compete With Hive Tokens

This is an interesting phenomenon because we get rewarded in Hive, and Hive Engine tokens like CTP and 1UP for our activities on this amazing blockchain. If you are like me and play a game on Hive like Splinterlands, then you have yet another thing to spend your hard-earned Hive on. The different Hive Communities have their power-up challenges for their tokens as well.

How Will I Ever Make My Goal

It is all too easy to become overwhelmed and panic. Do not panic. There is a lot of opportunities to earn here on Hive. @taskmaster4450 has advised me through the podcast CryptoManiacs, to build a base of Hive before trying to accumulate the Hive engine tokens. That is sound advice. Hive is the governing token for the entire blockchain. This is where I made my mistake.

I Was Not Consistent

I was all over the place. Instead of accumulating 5,000 Hive Power, I accumulated a bit of Hive and then tried accumulating all of the other Hive Engine tokens. Every time someone suggested we buy and hold a token I jumped on it. Then I became frustrated, depressed, and I dropped off for a few months.

I have learned that Hive and all of its communities are not different from the real world. Success demands consistent daily action. Going forward I will concentrate my effort on accumulating, and powering up #Hive #CTP #oneup tokens to be more successful on Hive.

Again I can not be distracted by the fluctuating prices of Hive and Hive Engine Tokens. When Hive goes up I can buy more CTP and 1UP, when Hive goes down I can buy more Hive. Trying to leverage the price fluctuations in my favor is beneficial financially, but is not the focus because I am not buying for today or tomorrow, but five years from now.

My Experience With Hive Community Tags

My Experience With Hive Community Tags

Ever Wonder Why So Many Tags?

What Makes Hive interesting is all of the communities that have chosen the Hive Blockchain as their home.  We also enjoy the ability to send tokens to each other free of charge. Not a lot of Blockchains can make that claim.

Every tag we use on Hive for example #ctp #Leofinance #pob represents communities. Those communities have content rules for posting. CTP is the token used by communities like CTPTalk and CTPSwarm. LEO is the token used by the LeoFinance community. POB is the token used by the Proof of Brain community.

CTPTalk & CTPSwarm

CTPTalk is a great front end to use especially if you are a part of the CTPSwarm community. I am using it to post this post. CTP is an initialization for Click Track Profit, the 3 actions of every online marketer. The rules for this community are very simple. Share your business-building journey. Article about music, cooking, hiking, exercising in your neighborhood should not be using the #ctp tag, unless they are directly related to your business building journey.


Never use the #leofinance tag unless your post is addressing a financial issue, like tokenomics, your current crypto APR, Your goal for amazing and powering up crypto. i would not even put a good Splinterlands article here unless you are talking about financing your game ambitions.

POB Proof Of Brain

Proof of Brain community has a more general requirement. The only qualification your post must have is proof that you have a brain. If you think your post meets that requirement then please use the #pob tag.

Unlike other places on the net, here on the Hive Blockchain you can earn just by engaging in your passion. There is a community here for everyone. Some of us feel compelled to be active in more than one community.

For a complete list of communities please click the link below:

Hive Communities

Once you navigate to the communities page, you will be able to choose which communities you would like to participate in.

This will take a little research and please ask as many questions as you can. I am surprised at no matter how basic my questions are there is always an experienced Hive member willing to share an answer with a smile.

I hope this sheds a little light on proper tagging in Hive, if you are unsure about a tag please refer to the community home page.  I would hate to see anyone banned from a community because of tag abuse.

Thank you and have a productive and prosperous week.

5 Hidden Gems

5 Hidden Gems

Spotlighting 5, 1UP Posts

The first post is done by @cantfoldfaces . This Hiver figured how many 1UP, SPS, & Hive tokens you need to have staked to make a $1 US Dollar up-vote.

How much 1UP / SPT / Hive Power are needed for a $1 Vote Power?

The second post is has a couple of ways to make more income on Hive, by flipping Splinterlands Monster NFTs, and farming CUB using HBD.  @belemo did a great job on this one.

Flipping Summoners, investing savings and farming Cub with HBD

Post number three @libertycrypto27 gives us a solid investment strategy for buying Pre-Sale Chaos Legion Booster Packs. The post also goes over a bit of tokenomics for the Splinterlands tokens.

My Chaos Legion Buying Strategy and DEC token considerations + Xpansion X Splinterlands Airdrop / Chaos Legion, DEC + Xpansion Airdrop (ENG / ITA)

For the fourth post, we have @travelgirl who teaches us about Splinterlands Totems. I did not know totems were a thing in Splinterlands. This post is so informative it had to make the list.

Why Totems Can Potentially Be A Good Investment For Splinterlands

Last but not least, we have post number 5. @ecoinstant has managed to turn Splinterlands into a daily money-making machine. I find this incredibly interesting and thought you would too.

Renting out my deck during busy time in life

Support Your Community

I take community very seriously. We have all seen those posts that are similar to this one, except that they have posts from different communities. With this post, I am hoping to do a few things.

  •  Support Those That Are Active in 1UP
  • Expand Our View of The 1UP Community
  • Support 1UP Community With Engagement
  • Help Others To Do The Same

I hope you have enjoyed reading the above-highlighted posts. I have learned a lot by reading the above 5 posts. Upvoted and commented on all 5 posts, and invite you to do the same.

Thank you so very much, hope you have a prosperous day.