What I Learned In 2021

What I Learned In 2021

WTF Is A BlockChain?!?!

When all of your friends are talking about building their fortunes on the blockchain the pressure of FOMO just builds to an unacceptable point. I have heard of blogging on BlockChain since December of 2020 but did not join Hive until February of 2021. Fast-acting like a turtle. I am not really an early adopter which is why I was so surprised to find that it is still early to be on the Hive BlockChain.

Missing out on opportunities is the worst, as it gives us a lot of “What Could Have Been” that kind of thinking will make a person crazy. The word Blockchain was being thrown around like people were getting paid to talk about it, later I find they were and are, me included and anyone reading this as well.

I am sure everyone reading this knows what a blockchain is, and does not need my basic, and I mean basic definition of a blockchain. Keep in mind the Hive Blockchain is the only one that I have experience with. I am not a person that has branched out to other blockchains as my hands have been pretty full with Hive.

It Pays To Be Active Daily

This is crazy, back in October I tried my hand at the CTP 30 Day Content Challenge. The challenge was to blog on Hive once daily for 30 days straight. This had me rework my entire workday, oh did I mention I am self-employed and work from home?

Blain Jones really challenged me with this concept. Write at least 1 article a day every day. IT sounds so super easy, I mean as affiliate marketers content is king so we should be publishing daily to sell daily. I need to add I am a crap affiliate marketer but have a nice living because I am an awesome reseller. Reselling feeds us, pays the rent, and the bills, everything else is pretty much at the “it needs more work level.”

This being said I really had to work at publishing something once daily. Blain was not asking for any great literary or journalistic work. Just a few paragraphs about our daily business-building journey. I overthought the heck out of it. The challenge did teach me that if I publish daily I will get paid daily. Not pennies but Dollars and some of those posts yielded almost $20(to be fair this was not normal just a few posts like 3 or 4 had a reward like that)

The story does not end with daily publishing as my Hive activities became more complicated as I added more things to it, among them seriously curating and commenting over 100 posts a week. As I write this I have been a bit behind because of the holidays. That being said doing that many comments weekly has resulted in some nice Hive, HBD, CTP, 1UP tokens just to name a few as there are a lot of different tokens that just sprinkle into my HE Wallet as rewards for commenting and curating.

When You Retire Your Wife…

Due to the reselling business doing so well, my wife and I looked over our finances and decided it was time for her to end a 26-year career with Walmart. For the first time in her adult life, my wife Anmarie has her whole day ahead of her to do with as she wills for the rest of her life.

I am lucky she takes a portion of her day and helps me out. Anmarie also scheduled the heck out of our Holiday Season as far out as January 13th. That is the last of the holiday celebrations and going off with a bang at Disneyland for 3 days. Being the type of entrepreneur that is accustomed to working from before the sunrises into the night 6 to 7 days a week, this makes me uneasy.

The good news is that I have been experimenting with different types of automation and working remotely. You may not even see an interruption in my activities if I can just get everything to work together. Lately, I can’t even get images to appear when using Hive-Engine Dapps on any of my browsers, this happened once before for about a week and then the problem just went away.

To Be Continued…

This article is much bigger in scope than I had first imagined. The more I write the more that needs to be said. I know when watching a show or movie we hate to see to be continued. Sorry, but I learned so much last year.

Decreased Income by 22%

Decreased Income by 22%

Even though I removed all of my excuses. Even though I weeded out non-income producing activities. Even though I worked my schedule down to a mean lean machine. Profits for 4th quarter are down. Sales are down. Everything is down. This has led me to ask what in the world am I doing wrong.

It Is So Confusing

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This is the mistake that I am making. Reselling makes up about 70% of my total income. Logically I should prioritize this type of activity as most important. I did not. Things that are new and have a learning curve tend to take priority. I come to find this is normal behavior. They call it “Shiny Object Syndrome” Reselling is something I have done for years. It has become comfortable. When something new comes along it is always more interesting than the same old thing.

First, it was affiliate marketing, learned some new skills, made some new relationships, made some money. Of course, there was a schedule to follow, and it is a pretty full schedule. That is going okay, but a lot more labor-intensive than I could ever imagine. Also ever notice how everyone is screaming about passion but hardly anyone is following their passion. This is the great hypocrisy of affiliate marketing.

Now it is the Hive BlockChain. There is a lot to learn. An investment strategy and a daily schedule that demands consistency. Then again all industries demand consistency. The Hive BlockChain with all of its different activities, even gaming. All of the activities generate income.

I Created My Own Rat Race

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Reselling by itself is a full-time 10 hours a day, job. Then I added affiliate marketing (very hands-on). Those two things alone are enough to keep anyone busy for 12 hours a day, easy. Then I add the Hive BlockChain because it seemed like a good idea to get into crypto.

I traded in a regular job for a lifestyle of independence and financial freedom. Unfortunately, without focus and dedication, these businesses will eventually die. The reason why my profits are down is that I am taking time away from reselling to give to the other two activities. With the training schedule and the content creation, order packing, sourcing, zoom calls, I am running around like a crazy person chasing a dragon that will never be caught.

Control of My Schedule Must Be Managed

Hive BlockChain is on Greenwich Mean Time GMT, this is the time zone that London England is on. Midnight GMT is 4pm my time Pacific Standard Time PST. This is a huge clue as to when I should start my Hive activities. This 4pm daily deadline has me running around and trying to fuss with my daily schedule to make everything work.

That being said I should work my reselling business from early morning until the afternoon, normally around 1 or 2 pm. Then I will have 2 or 3 hours for affiliate marketing. This will be pretty much standard daily practice. Then when the clock strikes 4pm, I will start with my Hive Blockchain activities. In this manner, I have taken away this crushing deadline.

This is a new schedule change for me so I am working on the implementation today and should have it completely working by tomorrow. I will try it for the next 30 days and measure my results to see if this will be enough to bump up productivity and profits overall.

This should free up most of my weekends so I can focus on content creation for the rest of the following week.

Speaking of Hive Engine I have set up a Witness Server in Japan and would like your support. It is really easy just click the link below and vote for @chris.witness Thank you.

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Promote Yourself First!

Promote Yourself First!

This is another phrase that took me a very long time to truly understand, but my Father knew and practiced self-promotion. Back in the 80s, he had a business.

His business was fixing Cars. You guessed right my Father was a mechanic who went from working at Sears to working for himself, and because he chose the right name, his customers followed him, from Sears to his new service center.

My Fathers customers knew him as Cecil, a nickname my father picked up from his co-workers at Sears. My Father named his business “Cecil’s Auto Care Center” When his customers wanted to find him, they could because of how he named his business. That is my Father pictured below. 

My Father

Follow Your True Passion

That is why all the online gurus are shouting follow your true passion. In order to work a business the way it should be worked you really need to put in a lot of hours. Those hours will go by a lot easier if you love what you are doing. If you are constantly procrastinating your online or side business duties maybe that is because deep down you hate doing those things as much as you hate your current full-time job.

Let’s assume you found your passion and you decided you are going to promote that passion through content marketing. Your WordPress blog is all set and you went ahead and created some awesome articles and videos for your new blog. You may have already made a serious branding mistake.

My Father

Please Do Not Make My Mistakes

Branding is crucial in business. Your brand is your everything, and it will be how people online perceive you. I recommend you put your name in your URL. If you have a comic book blog and your name is Chuck a good name is maybe www.chucktalkscomics.com or www.chucksherohq.com. You may be wondering why using your name is important.

You see when I picked my HIVE username I had no clue about proper branding, so of course, I picked a stupid one MBA2020 it means something to me and the rest of the world has no clue. If I picked a name and used it for everything ie ChuckTalksComics FB Group, Twitter handle, Instagram, and HIVE then the people that follow me on those platforms will have an easier time finding me on other platforms.

Choose 1 name and use it on everything. It is easier to brand yourself to your own name than it is to a phrase. Also when you use your own name it is much easier to develop relationships with people. People do business with people. Do yourself a favor and brand yourself personally for all of the above reasons.

I just learned about the specifics of really branding yourself recently, and for me, it was a really hard lesson. Feel free to reach out if you need more information on self-branding.

My Father
You Must Offer Value

You Must Offer Value

I have heard this a million times since I first read or heard it in 2006. This was an interesting year for me. I just got out of the military and opened a small computer repair shop, that in just 3 years expanded into a full retail operation with employees.

We built websites for our customers and they wanted to know how to promote their sites. I found that I was doing a lot of research so that I could help them promote their sites. The phrase “Offer Value” kept popping up in my research.

Ever repeat a phrase to people without knowing what exactly that phrase means. This was me, I was telling customers to offer value on their sites, and it will help their sites rank. I would always recommend that they use a blog to try and build steady growth while communicating to their audience. Again I would say just give your audience value, and they will buy from you.

Yes, I do know that advice is very vague, but back then I thought it was complete and useable. Keep in mind I do not fully understand how to offer value or show value. For a minute consider especially if you are beginning in Internet Marketing or have never really had any notable success, this question might be burning in your mind…

“How do I offer Value, what do I have that anyone wants?”


You guessed it I was overcomplicating a very simple concept. Whatever your passion is, that is the content you should be creating to show value. For example, let’s say that your passion is quilting. You have been quilting for 10 years. You need to have a Blog, and Vlog to create content about your quilting passion. Teach people how to overcome things that tripped you up when you were learning how to quilt.

Of course, this small article is too small a venue to truly break down this concept so it works for you. To put it simply you can get people to know, like, and trust you if you give them the content that they are already looking for. This type of informative content postures you as a person in the know.

I have had friends quote people’s Vlogs as if it were scientific fact. That Vlogger has made a connection with my friends and by giving them free info on their favorite subjects. Yes, they have ordered some swag t-shirts and mugs from these vlogger’s channels. Why because they are fans.

Offering value is as simple as creating content about something that you know a lot about. It will take some practice and it is super uncomfortable to put yourself out there like that. I assure you it is incredibly rewarding.

If you need more info on this subject reach out 🙂