Ever Wonder Why So Many Tags?

What Makes Hive interesting is all of the communities that have chosen the Hive Blockchain as their home.  We also enjoy the ability to send tokens to each other free of charge. Not a lot of Blockchains can make that claim.

Every tag we use on Hive for example #ctp #Leofinance #pob represents communities. Those communities have content rules for posting. CTP is the token used by communities like CTPTalk and CTPSwarm. LEO is the token used by the LeoFinance community. POB is the token used by the Proof of Brain community.

CTPTalk & CTPSwarm

CTPTalk is a great front end to use especially if you are a part of the CTPSwarm community. I am using it to post this post. CTP is an initialization for Click Track Profit, the 3 actions of every online marketer. The rules for this community are very simple. Share your business-building journey. Article about music, cooking, hiking, exercising in your neighborhood should not be using the #ctp tag, unless they are directly related to your business building journey.


Never use the #leofinance tag unless your post is addressing a financial issue, like tokenomics, your current crypto APR, Your goal for amazing and powering up crypto. i would not even put a good Splinterlands article here unless you are talking about financing your game ambitions.

POB Proof Of Brain

Proof of Brain community has a more general requirement. The only qualification your post must have is proof that you have a brain. If you think your post meets that requirement then please use the #pob tag.

Unlike other places on the net, here on the Hive Blockchain you can earn just by engaging in your passion. There is a community here for everyone. Some of us feel compelled to be active in more than one community.

For a complete list of communities please click the link below:

Hive Communities

Once you navigate to the communities page, you will be able to choose which communities you would like to participate in.

This will take a little research and please ask as many questions as you can. I am surprised at no matter how basic my questions are there is always an experienced Hive member willing to share an answer with a smile.

I hope this sheds a little light on proper tagging in Hive, if you are unsure about a tag please refer to the community home page.  I would hate to see anyone banned from a community because of tag abuse.

Thank you and have a productive and prosperous week.