Failed 3 Times

Have you ever tried something over and over again failing repeatedly? It can get pretty darn discouraging. I have never completed a 30 day challenge. This was I almost did not enter. The rules were simple write an article and tag it #ctpcontent post it daily before midnight GMT, which is 4 pm my time PST. Every single day for 30 days, and if you miss a day you have to start all over at 1.

This sounds too easy, how hard is it to write 1 article a day for 30 days. We are supposed to create content daily. On the website you can see all the people that have already completed it. I failed three times. This rings in my head constantly since a few days ago.

The First Time I Failed

As a reseller I am not really accustomed to working with deadlines. Yes I have to pack and ship my orders timely but that does not take any real effort or creativity, you can almost turn your brain off. The first time I failed simply because I did not manage my time very well and the day just got away from me.

The Second Time I Failed

After the first time I was embarrassed and thought what could I do so I would not fail again. Better time management but more specifically, I needed to be more productive. I scheduled a bit of time at the end of the day and started writing articles ahead of time so I would always be 4 to 5 articles ahead. Honestly I thought I had the problem solved and then 1 day was caught in traffic did not make it home in time to post before 4pm.

The Third & Last Time I Failed

I know what you are thinking… just because I failed three times is no reason not to try a fourth. That is funny because unlike some other challenges that are never ending & eternal, this content challenge had an expiration date, just like a dairy product, November 30th. If you can’t complete the challenge before Nov 30th you are out. It was my going to be my 29th consecutive post.

Where I went wrong was simple I misunderstood some friendly advice, & at the same time I refused to take advice from those that have already completed the challenge. Taskmaster answered my question “How can I earn more on Hive?” with “Make videos and play Exode”

So I started making daily videos on 3Speak and stopped writing articles. I had some close calls with 3Speak and my video submissions, and this is where my system broke down. I was given this advice by several people. Now that your articles are written, schedule them to post at the same time every day. I was not familiar with post scheduling so I did not even look into it.

All Of That Work And No Prize?!

Even though I lost the challenge I walked away with some nice prizes. 1st I bombed out last Wednesday right before the CTP Inner Circle meeting, and Eliana gave me a Splinterlands NFT for my efforts. Blain gave me some great advice. “Next Time have some articles prewritten, to use in case something should go wrong with the video production. ”

Also, the post I did post that day did really well with upvotes, 59 Hive which for me is amazing. developing a daily content creation habit is a prize in itself.

The advice I misunderstood from TaskMaster was not to make videos but stop writing articles. His advice was trying to direct me to make videos in addition to the articles I am writing.

Going forward this is my plan. Continue daily content creation, but this time create the content on my blog first, ahead of time, using WordPress will schedule the post for future publication. Using Exxp plugin I will have the post transferred to Hive.

This balance of working ahead and automation will be a key factor for my future successes.