All of the excitement over the recent bumps in price that Hive Token has been experiencing is not going to distract me from my original goals. For the sake of this discussion let’s say that the current price of Hive is $3. For a lot of people that have been here for the last few years, I understand the excitement. For the rest of us, we have a long way to go before these numbers should have us saying woohoo. 

I say this is just the beginning because as more Dapps are developed on this blockchain the more value it will be worth. The more Hive I have powered up, the more things I can do on hive. Also the more Hive I have powered up the more my votes will be worth. The more my votes are worth, not only will people want my votes, but I will also be paid more for curation activities. 

Goal #1 Become A Hive Dolphin

Above we spoke about the more Hive my account has powered up the better.  My First goal is to reach 5,000 Hive Power. I know this is a big goal especially if Hive is at $3 a token that is $1,500. My plan has the goal broken into 500HP increments to make the goal more achievable. Both of my accounts have a way to go before reaching that first 10th of the goal. 

Hive Engine Tokens Compete With Hive Tokens

This is an interesting phenomenon because we get rewarded in Hive, and Hive Engine tokens like CTP and 1UP for our activities on this amazing blockchain. If you are like me and play a game on Hive like Splinterlands, then you have yet another thing to spend your hard-earned Hive on. The different Hive Communities have their power-up challenges for their tokens as well.

How Will I Ever Make My Goal

It is all too easy to become overwhelmed and panic. Do not panic. There is a lot of opportunities to earn here on Hive. @taskmaster4450 has advised me through the podcast CryptoManiacs, to build a base of Hive before trying to accumulate the Hive engine tokens. That is sound advice. Hive is the governing token for the entire blockchain. This is where I made my mistake.

I Was Not Consistent

I was all over the place. Instead of accumulating 5,000 Hive Power, I accumulated a bit of Hive and then tried accumulating all of the other Hive Engine tokens. Every time someone suggested we buy and hold a token I jumped on it. Then I became frustrated, depressed, and I dropped off for a few months.

I have learned that Hive and all of its communities are not different from the real world. Success demands consistent daily action. Going forward I will concentrate my effort on accumulating, and powering up #Hive #CTP #oneup tokens to be more successful on Hive.

Again I can not be distracted by the fluctuating prices of Hive and Hive Engine Tokens. When Hive goes up I can buy more CTP and 1UP, when Hive goes down I can buy more Hive. Trying to leverage the price fluctuations in my favor is beneficial financially, but is not the focus because I am not buying for today or tomorrow, but five years from now.