DOTCOM Secrets Book Club Day

Do you know the person in the above image? His name is Russell Brunson and he is a stellar internet marketer worth millions. He wrote some books that I have found very valuable to my business. I am not using his platform as I have discovered some platforms that serve me well at this juncture of my online business building.

Dotcom Secrets is one of the best books about online marketing I have ever read. So I have made the commitment to go through this book very carefully and in detail to level up my online business. In fact, I will do this with Russell Brunson’s entire Secrets Trilogy. 

Watch the video below, and if you agree with me that this book can really change your business, then be sure to pick up your own copy for just the cost of shipping and handling. The link is below the video 😉

Click the link to get Russell Brunson's awesome book.