The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made

The biggest mistake I ever made was building lead capture pages without any lead magnets. This is a horrible mistake because my lead capture page is competing against pages that have great lead magnets. I misunderstood what a lead magnet is and used benefits for joining my email list as my lead magnets and this was a horrible mistake that I repeated for years. 

Regardless of where or what I advertised my pages achieved very little results. Everyone else was promising the same benefits as I but the smart ones used lead magnets to get the conversions. 

What Exactly is a Lead Magnet?

Do not confuse a lead magnet with the features or benefits of joining your email list. A lead magnet is nothing more than a bonus for opting into your list. A good example would be a report, infographics, free how-to video, access to a Private Facebook Group, etc. The list of bonuses you can give out is endless just be sure that your bonuses are relevant to your subject matter.

If you are doing a Recipe of The Week email list then do not use a How To Get a Better Mortgage rate. The two do not fit together. If you are doing a recipe of the week, then you could give away a chart that converts standard measurements to metric, or maybe a calorie counting chart, or a common substitute ingredient list.

Feel free to give out more than one bonus like 3 to 5 should really get the sign-ups rolling in.

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