This is another phrase that took me a very long time to truly understand, but my Father knew and practiced self-promotion. Back in the 80s, he had a business.

His business was fixing Cars. You guessed right my Father was a mechanic who went from working at Sears to working for himself, and because he chose the right name, his customers followed him, from Sears to his new service center.

My Fathers customers knew him as Cecil, a nickname my father picked up from his co-workers at Sears. My Father named his business “Cecil’s Auto Care Center” When his customers wanted to find him, they could because of how he named his business. That is my Father pictured below. 

My Father

Follow Your True Passion

That is why all the online gurus are shouting follow your true passion. In order to work a business the way it should be worked you really need to put in a lot of hours. Those hours will go by a lot easier if you love what you are doing. If you are constantly procrastinating your online or side business duties maybe that is because deep down you hate doing those things as much as you hate your current full-time job.

Let’s assume you found your passion and you decided you are going to promote that passion through content marketing. Your WordPress blog is all set and you went ahead and created some awesome articles and videos for your new blog. You may have already made a serious branding mistake.

My Father

Please Do Not Make My Mistakes

Branding is crucial in business. Your brand is your everything, and it will be how people online perceive you. I recommend you put your name in your URL. If you have a comic book blog and your name is Chuck a good name is maybe or You may be wondering why using your name is important.

You see when I picked my HIVE username I had no clue about proper branding, so of course, I picked a stupid one MBA2020 it means something to me and the rest of the world has no clue. If I picked a name and used it for everything ie ChuckTalksComics FB Group, Twitter handle, Instagram, and HIVE then the people that follow me on those platforms will have an easier time finding me on other platforms.

Choose 1 name and use it on everything. It is easier to brand yourself to your own name than it is to a phrase. Also when you use your own name it is much easier to develop relationships with people. People do business with people. Do yourself a favor and brand yourself personally for all of the above reasons.

I just learned about the specifics of really branding yourself recently, and for me, it was a really hard lesson. Feel free to reach out if you need more information on self-branding.

My Father