I have heard this a million times since I first read or heard it in 2006. This was an interesting year for me. I just got out of the military and opened a small computer repair shop, that in just 3 years expanded into a full retail operation with employees.

We built websites for our customers and they wanted to know how to promote their sites. I found that I was doing a lot of research so that I could help them promote their sites. The phrase “Offer Value” kept popping up in my research.

Ever repeat a phrase to people without knowing what exactly that phrase means. This was me, I was telling customers to offer value on their sites, and it will help their sites rank. I would always recommend that they use a blog to try and build steady growth while communicating to their audience. Again I would say just give your audience value, and they will buy from you.

Yes, I do know that advice is very vague, but back then I thought it was complete and useable. Keep in mind I do not fully understand how to offer value or show value. For a minute consider especially if you are beginning in Internet Marketing or have never really had any notable success, this question might be burning in your mind…

“How do I offer Value, what do I have that anyone wants?”


You guessed it I was overcomplicating a very simple concept. Whatever your passion is, that is the content you should be creating to show value. For example, let’s say that your passion is quilting. You have been quilting for 10 years. You need to have a Blog, and Vlog to create content about your quilting passion. Teach people how to overcome things that tripped you up when you were learning how to quilt.

Of course, this small article is too small a venue to truly break down this concept so it works for you. To put it simply you can get people to know, like, and trust you if you give them the content that they are already looking for. This type of informative content postures you as a person in the know.

I have had friends quote people’s Vlogs as if it were scientific fact. That Vlogger has made a connection with my friends and by giving them free info on their favorite subjects. Yes, they have ordered some swag t-shirts and mugs from these vlogger’s channels. Why because they are fans.

Offering value is as simple as creating content about something that you know a lot about. It will take some practice and it is super uncomfortable to put yourself out there like that. I assure you it is incredibly rewarding.

If you need more info on this subject reach out 🙂