Get Paid Every Day Even on Holidays

This is no trick to getting paid daily. Simply put if eBay is set to pay you daily, then all you need is at least 1 sale a day, and boom after about 10 days you will notice daily payments coming from eBay

The key to this is being sure you get at least one sale a day every single day.

  1. Are you getting 1 sale every day? 
  2. If not do you have a plan to get 1 sale a day?
  3. How many active listings do you have?
  4. Would you like help achieving the 1 sale a day goal?

In the video below Jeff and I explain how to achieve a minimum of 1 sale everyday.

Hint you need 100 to 1000 listings.


Check out the video below for more 👇👇👇