Reselling is a New Set of Skills to Learn

As a reseller, I needed to know more than anything else what does and does not sell. This is a subject that can take up volumes and volumes to fully explain. In a nutshell, sourcing is the skill you really need to develop. 

This is not a difficult skill to develop it just takes a lot of work and a bit of time. The biggest thing to focus on is how many items are selling and how much money including shipping are they selling for. 

Believe it or not better sourcing leads to better sales, and profit. For example, if you are buying sports cards and you find a source that will sell you sports cards for 25% less than your previous source. This would mean that potentially you could earn an extra 25% profit with every sports card sale. Jeff and I will go over some of our best tips and strategies for sourcing to increase sales and profit.

My Friend Jeff Beeman, and I, will go into more detail in the video below. 


I hope you enjoyed the little video we put together for you. As you can see from our examples that there are many ways to source. Anything that interests you can be a potential sales opportunity for you.