Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the World Wide Web. When I was a kid I would dream about visiting Disneyland. I did not visit until I was a young Marine and was given a 48-hour leave pass. I promised myself that I would one day be in the position to actually visit Disneyland anytime I wanted. Now that I am in the position to do so, believe it or not, I go all of the time. Sometimes alone and sometimes with friends. I think I am getting a bit ahead of myself.

As you can tell from my picture I am older. So old that I remember the internet before the World Wide Web a world of hard copy and text-only sites we called bulletin board systems. I know it sounds like an unmitigated nightmare. 

I have had a lot of different jobs working in a lot of various industries and yet I never indeed found my passion until about 2013 when I accidentally discovered reselling. Reselling is awesome to create right now money. Most online opportunities create later much later money. In fact, many experts agree that it took them years before they could count on right now money. 

Not to worry I won’t try to pitch you an opportunity just wanted to share what I am passionate about. I could not tell you why it took me so long to discover. Maybe I was too busy scratching out a meager living I did not feel confident enough to find an opportunity. I know this is how a lot of other people feel about their lives. 

As a civilian ever since 2006, I have felt like a rat running through the same maze every day. After seeing “The Matrix” too many times I too started to feel like life was not real and nothing I did mattered. This is when depression breaks in and started kicking the crap out of me and out of know where like a Saving Angel eBay fell into my lap. 

I have always been the kind of person to hustle for a dollar. Even as a kid, I went door to door selling greeting cards for the Olympic Sales Company. It was a company that advertised amazing cash and prizes for selling something everyone needs. Every box was worth 100 points or $1. I always kept the dollar. Then I had a paper route delivering the Oakland Press. 

My big break and what really taught me how to sell and that I love sales, was working for a Tandy Computer Center. That was an awesome job, I learned a lot and made a lot of money. 

Now I enjoy reselling which is amazing and online marketing. I do not spam anyone and I do not pester people in Facebook Groups or other social media sites. I advertise my opportunities through conventional online methods some cost nothing and others I pay a fair bit, but they are completely worth it as I do receive a decent amount of leads. 

This is kind of a brag but if you click on any of the links on my site, emails, or videos, I might make a little bit of money. If you want to learn to do the same just reach out to me.