This is My Awesome Introduction Post 😉

This is My Awesome Introduction Post 😉

The above picture is of me right before a trip to Disneyland. Yes, I am a 51-year-old child. I love going places like Disneyland, SeaWorld, San Diego Comic-Con, and many other fun places. My background is Military, IT, and Retail. I know that is a rushed resume, to say the least, but those details are unimportant and from a lifelong past.

Just in case you are curious here are some details. While I was enjoying a post-military career in IT (Information Technology) building computers and networking them, troubleshooting, and what not. Went to the Doctor for a small abdominal protrusion. That is right something was poking through my tummy.

Initially, the Doc thought it to be a hernia but to be safe ordered a CAT Scan because there were no other indicators of a hernia. That poor Doc came back as white as a sheet. He had trouble meeting my gaze. After he delivered the news I had to console him. This ended my career in IT. Nobody tells you about Chemo Brain until it is too late.

Before you feel sorry for me I have lived with this cancer for about a decade, with no sign of me checking out anytime soon. This did bring me back to California where I started a kind of new career in Retail. Was hired at the local Walmart as an accounting associate. I have never counted so much money. Yes, before Walmart started using the Cash Machines to store, count, and dispense money to fund the store, we did it all by hand, how crazy is that lol.

The Internet Cash Cow

I remember back in 2006 was out of the military, repairing computers in my own shop, and trying to figure out the internet cash cow. It seemed like every article I read was about someone making it big on the internet. I am the kind of guy that does not learn about something until it is too late. I missed every fad you can think of.

This brings us back to 2015, I am in California appreciating the weather working at Walmart yearning for more time on these beautiful beaches. Wanting to go to the theme parks I mentioned earlier, but I had no time and no money. IT is sad living less than an hour from Disneyland but not being able to go. This was life on a retail income.

I dedicated all of my off time to researching ways of making money online. Wow, there was a lot to learn and still is. All of my searchings brought me to eBay. First I tried dropshipping which did yield some positive results, but it was stressful. Then I went through my house and rounded up anything that still worked, and looked good, and started taking pictures and listed it all on eBay. With that money, I went to garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, and storage auctions. When my eBay income equaled my Wal-mart income I quit Wal-mart and started reselling full time.

How Did I Find HIVE?


I found affiliate marketing in my research efforts to discover the different ways to render money from the internet. This brought me to Jon G Olson or @jongolson of @ctptalk. Jon is very different from the other internet marketing gurus. Jon’s advice never put me in Facebook jail like some of those other posers. Jon Olson was the first person I ever heard preach get people to “Know, Like, & Trust You” Those simple few words have and will continue to spawn volumes of books.

Following Jon’s brilliant marketing advice, has brought me to the blockchain and Hive. I am very grateful to be a part of this wonderful community 😍. I would also like to thank @lovesniper @indayclara for instructing me to introduce myself to the community, apologizing for that faux pas, and giving me some wonderful Hive resources.


OMG Do I Ever Love Splinterlands


Even though I am a newb the income potential of Splinterlands keeps screaming in my face. Jon is also quite vocal about the income opportunities. Do not get me wrong, I know it is a game with its initial purpose intended to entertain. Every time I play when I am rewarded new cards, and the time just slips away. I know there is a business somewhere.

As we speak, upper-level players are making serious money every day just by renting out their cards. I am not but they are. I only currently own a few cards. What if I could just make blockchain gaming my full-time income. That would be so cool, “Hello my name is Chris I am a professional blockchain gamer” that sounds really cool.

Going forward I am attempting to turn my Splinmterlands gaming hobby into a full-blown business. Let’s say our goal for a full-time business is $100 a day in income, part-time $50 a day in income, and anything less than that is just a hobby. Currently, by my own standards, I am a Splinterlands Hobbyist working hard on becoming a Splinterlands Business.

Your comments, questions, and helpful hints are very welcome.